(Hàng Mới Về) Bút Nhuộm Tóc 4g Lâu Trôi Tiện Dụng

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Giới thiệu (Hàng Mới Về) Bút Nhuộm Tóc 4g Lâu Trôi Tiện Dụng

Net weight: 4g
Gross Weight: 35g
Color: 01 Dark Brown, Black 02
Suitable For The Public:Mainly for sporadic white customer hair, or allergic to the crowd of dye
Package: 1 x Hair Color Pen

Quickly cover white hair, easy to apply, can cover hair color do not like
Plant soft ingredients, do no harm, easy to clean, leaves no residue
The steps are simple and fast, time saving
Do not go to the hairdresser shop can also DIY your own hair
Non-permanent products. Washing the hair with shampoo can be washed easily
Lipstick-shaped design, easy to carry and use

1. Spin off a small piece of cream, apply it gently on the hair, pay attention to avoid the part of the scalp
2. Wait a moment, or use the hair dryer to dry avoid touching it immediately by hand
3. Let the hair after absorption, with a comb for straight hair

Shampoo and rinse hair before bed so as not to touch the
When used gently, so as not to force too much, lyferafracture paste
In order to prevent cramming, can not apply too much at once, gently and repeatedly

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